Saturday, January 26, 2008

BOW Lesson 1

This is what I did for the Bead on a Wire workshop for lesson 1: coils, jump rings, twisted wire jump rings, squiggles, spirals, square spirals, and a couple of finished pieces of jewelry. I have a bazillion jump rings now. The twisted ones were a little trickier, because I didn't have a drill to twist the wire, so I finally found a c-clamp to clamp the ends and then twisted it with a pencil on the other end. Took awhile, but they turned out cool I think with the black and copper wires. Now to make something out of them.....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Skinny Book Pages

This was a swap that I did on Art Techniques a couple of months ago, and I am finally getting around to posting pics! I signed up for a bunch of different groups, and made a lot of pages, but I got several back due to other people not sending in their pages, so if any one wants to trade for anything let me know. It doesn't have to be a trade for a skinny book page--I would trade for a couple charms, fabric or paper beads, postcard, or even raw supplies like beads, paper, decorative yarns, or other ephemera. I am in the process of binding the pages into several books, so I'll post those soon. Forgot to mention the size is 4 x 8 inches.

Themes: Dragonfly (insect), Fabric, No Theme

"Two of a Kind" (Number), Abstract, Flower

Quote, Metal, Color

Monday, January 21, 2008

Midnight Garden

This is the finished result of the January "Take it Farther Challenge" (see posting from earlier this month). I didn't like the way that my initial blocks came out, but didn't have any more of 2 of the fabrics, so I came up with a solution to make it work. Cut up the blocks into smaller units and pieced them into 3 vertical rows. I used one of the blocks to cut the appliqued leaves from. Then I used the leftover blocks on the back--nothing gone to waste! The vine is a decorative yarn that I couched onto the black background. I did make the addition of the black solid fabric, so I hope that isn't cheating. I did heavy quilting in the geometric collumns, and quilted a little leaf pattern in all of the leaves. I am happy with how it turned out in the end, though totally different from my original vision, but I guess that is part of the experience. We'll see what challenge February brings....Forgot to mention the size is about 29 x 29 inches.

Old Wire Jewelry

These are some pieces of wire jewelry that I made in my High School jewelry class a looong time ago. I never did finish the necklace--not sure if I ran out of copper or time or what! I have no idea how I made the coiled bracelet--it was initially a necklace, but I usually wear it as a bracelet wrapped around my wrist a few times. I just started the Bead on a Wire workshop at Artist's of the Round Table (see my previous post), and I am having fun reviving jewelry making! I'll have to finish that necklace....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bead and Wire Jewelry

I am getting ready to participate in an online workshop through A.R.T. (Artists of the Round Table), using Sharilyn Miller's book "Bead on a Wire", so I got out some of my old jewelry supplies, and a container of beads that I got on clearance for 97 Cents, and played around with them this weekend while DH and I were watching movies. I just did some freehand spiral shapes with beads on them, and connected the lengths together with jump rings. For the necklace and earrings, I had to make my own jump rings and clasp (yikes) because of the color of copper wire. The copper necklace also features a polymer clay pendant from my first experience with polymer clay. I liked working with it, but didn't have the little blade, and found things a bit sticky--but will get it out and practice some more one of these days. It's little rough around the edges--don't look too close--but all in all I am happy with my first attempts at jewelry making in a long time! I have some old pieces that I did in High School and College, that I will have to dig out and show. But I am looking forward to making more!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Marbilized Paper

These are some experiments that I did with marbilizing paper for the Paper Transformed Workshop, based on techniques from the book by the same name by Julia Andrus. I used cardstock paper. I filled a shallow tray with shaving cream, put a few drops of diluted acrylic on the top, and made swirls with a bamboo skewer. Then placed the paper on the swirls, pressed to make sure there were no air bubbles, lift out, and scrape off the excess shaving cream. Then start the process over. I did several papers and even a few pieces of fabric.

Take it Further Challenge Teaser

I am taking part in Sharon B's monthly "Take it Further Challenge" where each month we are given either a theme or a color scheme on which to base a piece of art. This month, I opted for the color scheme, which was light purple, dark purple, sage/ mint green, chartruse, and charcol. A very different color scheme than I would have put together, so it was a challenge, but fun to work outside my comfort zone. I selected my fabrics, planned the quilt and sketched it out and went to work. When the blocks were sewn, I stood back, and decided that I HATED it! But I had too much time and materials invested in it, and no more of the charcol or chartruse fabrics, and I am really trying not to buy a lot of fabric, so I came up with Plan B. I am putting the binding on right now, so I will post it when it is done. But here is a teaser of the "before" block.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Wow, another year gone by. I am excited about the possibilities that 2008 has to offer. After a couple of difficult years with several deaths in the family among other life issues, I am hoping that 2008 shapes up a little differently. Of course, I have been considering many New Year's Resolutions, maybe I will post them another time. But for now, I thought that I would reflect a litle bit on the work that I have done in 2007 for my quilt pattern design company, Elizabeth Anne Quilt Designs. You can see some of my other patterns on my website
I usually don't post my business stuff on my blog, but sometimes the line is blurry between my art blog, and what I do for a living, and I am very proud of the work that I accomplished this year.

This one is called Desert Ridge Trail, and it is a fairly large quilt that I am going to be teaching at The Quilt Works in Albuquerque as a block of the month quilt.

Grandmother's Stars is a great quilt to use the 1930's reproduction fabrics on. I am also teaching this for a class, and the students have also used Christmas fabrics, Oriental fabrics, red white and blue, and rainbow colors. Anything goes!

Samba is a fun quilt, designed with the rhythym of the Samba dance in mind. I bet you all don't know that I used to do Ballroom Dancing? Even won some competitions!

And this is Oso Grande, spanish for Big Bear, because the Bear Paw blocks are very large. This is an easy and quick quilt, and can be made lap size, queen or king size.

I've got lots of other ideas up my sleeve for 2008, and my motto this year is "Create in 2008"!

Happy New Year!