Thursday, January 10, 2008

Marbilized Paper

These are some experiments that I did with marbilizing paper for the Paper Transformed Workshop, based on techniques from the book by the same name by Julia Andrus. I used cardstock paper. I filled a shallow tray with shaving cream, put a few drops of diluted acrylic on the top, and made swirls with a bamboo skewer. Then placed the paper on the swirls, pressed to make sure there were no air bubbles, lift out, and scrape off the excess shaving cream. Then start the process over. I did several papers and even a few pieces of fabric.


Faye said...

Pretty colors, Elizabeth. The shaving cream method is such fun. I have taught it to a friend, to my sister, and to my granddaughter.

linda said...

I love this technique but when I scrape off the shaving cream I get streaking from the pull of my scraper. I am wondering how to avoid it. Any ideas?

Michele said...

I love doing the shaving cream technique; I've done it on fabric, too, and it works great. And everything smells so good! Your papers are beautiful.

Elizabeth in NM said...

What kind of paint are you using? If it is something that tends to stay wet, you might need to let it sit for a minute or two before you scrape to give it a chance to sink into the paper. I used Acrylic on these, and I think that that helps them to set up permanently fairly quickly, and they dry fast too. I had a little bit of streaking, but not enough to detract from the design I think. Keep experimenting, and let me know how it goes!