Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Take it Further Finished!

Just under the wire for September, I finished my Take it Further Challenge, using the color palate in the previous post. I also did double duty, as I made this square for a round robin quiltie exchange on Mixed Media Art Friends. Actually, it is going to be triple duty, because I made a bunch of extra pieces to use as postcards to swap in a local mixed media art group! I'll post pics of those soon. Three birds, one stone.

The heart is from one of the monoprinting paper towels that I recently did (see previous post), and I added some copper studs and confetti underneath a layer of blue tulle. I free motion quilted around all of the little confettis to hold them in place. I dumped a bunch of the silly things on my floor last night, and have been picking them up all day!

Take it Further Challenge for September

This is my fabric selection taken from the color palate for this month's Take it Further Challenge. I am using the palate to make a little 6 x 6 inch quiltie for a swap that I am doing on another group--it is almost done and will post the finished project soon!


I have also been playing around with monoprinting this month. I am making paper and fabric books for a swap on Collage UnLeashed, and I am using one of Traci Bautistas techniques on monoprinting using dyed paper towels and monoprinting on paper. I have been keeping the colors on the pastel side so that the books can be written in and used as an art journal if the recipient so chooses. These are a blast to make, and go pretty quickly. I have been working on the fabric covers, but need to rework them a bit to accomodate the bulky pages. I'll be sure to post the finished books when they are done.

I'm Baaack and "Interactive" ATCs

I got a very nice phone message yesterday from one of my friends asking if everything was OK, because she noticed that I hadn't posted anything on my blog for a "very long time". I'm OK--this month has had its ups and downs, and seemed busier than usual, but I will try to get back on track. Part of this month was taken up with me getting ready to teach at the Thimbleweeds Quilt Retreat in the Jemez mountains in NM. I just got back on Sunday, and will post pics later (fabulous trip by the way!)

These are some fabric ATCs that I made earlier this month for an "Interactive" swap on Fiber ATCs. We had to use at least 3 different techniques, and do something that the recipient could interact with. I made a little flap that can be opened to reveal the "secret message".

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Release "Exploring the Latest Trends in Mixed Media"

The new release: "Exploring the Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts-Projects & Techniques" has 47 projects including never before seen assemblages, collages, jewelry, unique embellishments, sandbags and wearables. There are 28 techniques that teach you with easy to follow step by step instructions, how to create: fused paper fabric, stamping with molding paste, using inks with decoupage medium, alternative
stamping ideas, wicking, acrylic paper mache', laminating & tumbled glass to name but a few. This 91 page, full-color book is crammed full of ideas, tips, alternatives and basic instructions. It is available on-line at: http;//createspace.com/3346325

I have worked on this book for over a year with fellow artists Cynthia Powell, Sherre Hulbert, and Lesley Venable, and we are so pleased to be able to offer it to the public. It will be a wonderful addition to your private library! Here is one of my projects that you will find in this fabulous how to book! I will also be doing a step by step workshop for it on our group The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts in November, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Reptile Are You?

You Are a Snake

You have extraordinarily sharp senses.

You sense what's going on almost before it happens.

You connect with the world. People instantly feel close to you.

You are a natural protector. You take good care of your friends.

You are an ambitious person. Your ambitious drives you.

But while you are ambitious, you are also humble. You are thankful for everything you have.

Purple Round Robin Quiltie

This is the August round robin quiltie for the Mixed Media Art Friends group. Each month, we make one quiltie with a different pre-determined color, and send it to the next person on the list. This month was purple--my favorite color! I added paper fabric flower embellishments to this piece. It measures 6.5 x 6.5 inches.