Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Take it Further Finished!

Just under the wire for September, I finished my Take it Further Challenge, using the color palate in the previous post. I also did double duty, as I made this square for a round robin quiltie exchange on Mixed Media Art Friends. Actually, it is going to be triple duty, because I made a bunch of extra pieces to use as postcards to swap in a local mixed media art group! I'll post pics of those soon. Three birds, one stone.

The heart is from one of the monoprinting paper towels that I recently did (see previous post), and I added some copper studs and confetti underneath a layer of blue tulle. I free motion quilted around all of the little confettis to hold them in place. I dumped a bunch of the silly things on my floor last night, and have been picking them up all day!

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