Thursday, January 10, 2008

Take it Further Challenge Teaser

I am taking part in Sharon B's monthly "Take it Further Challenge" where each month we are given either a theme or a color scheme on which to base a piece of art. This month, I opted for the color scheme, which was light purple, dark purple, sage/ mint green, chartruse, and charcol. A very different color scheme than I would have put together, so it was a challenge, but fun to work outside my comfort zone. I selected my fabrics, planned the quilt and sketched it out and went to work. When the blocks were sewn, I stood back, and decided that I HATED it! But I had too much time and materials invested in it, and no more of the charcol or chartruse fabrics, and I am really trying not to buy a lot of fabric, so I came up with Plan B. I am putting the binding on right now, so I will post it when it is done. But here is a teaser of the "before" block.

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