Monday, April 20, 2015

When you give a 4 year old your camera.....

My kids had to go to school with me a couple weeks ago when they were on Spring Break and I wasn't.  This worked out pretty well, because we had a "Block Party" in my Geometry for Design class, so we literally got to play around with blocks all day (images of that to follow in a different post),  I had brought my digital camera to document some of our block designs, and of course, Fletcher grew bored in my class pretty quickly and wanted to snap some pictures. I love this "selfie"--perfectly illustrates the Mad Man inside the cutie 4 year old!

I was going through the pictures when I uploaded them to my computer, and began deleting the super blurry ones, but these two caught my eye.  He snapped these outside after class:

 Isn't it funny how kids are so captivated by their own shadows?  And this one really captures a beautiful silhouette.

I'm not even sure what this is....I think it is part of a seating bench outside the classrooms.  But I love the grid and the grid shadow underneath.  From this perspective, it almost looks like a grate going up the side of a building, but I am pretty sure it was a bench.

I think I need to give Fletcher the camera more often and see the world through his eyes!

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