Monday, April 27, 2015

Final Project Fail and Success

I have been working on my final project for Art Practices II--the assignment is to explore Time Based Media.  So, this could include a performance piece, something that is an installation like an ice sculpture that melts away, or an event that the artists creates (and may or may not participate in).  So, less about the art piece, and more about what happens over the time of the art process--kind of hard for me to explain.

Anyhow, we had watched a video about the recreation of a giant ice block wall installation (can't remember the artist's name now...), and it was a pretty neat project.  An 8 foot high, 4-sided wall, that took 30 people to create.  And then it melted all away....

I liked the idea of the melting ice, but wanted to have something tangible remain at the end. Have the melting ice make the art (kind of reminds me of snow or ice dyeing).  I put liquid watercolor paints into ice cube trays and froze them. Then set them out on watercolor paper and filmed them melting. 

The first two experiments were Epic Fails!  On this one, the colors were too concentrated, and just made mostly black. I used salt to make an interesting design element, but that part didn't really work either.  

On the second sample, I diluted the colors, but they didn't really flow or absorb into the watercolor paper like I was hoping.  

The third sample (not shown) worked out better, because I switched to using fabric instead of paper. The paper just wasn't absorbing and moving the colors the way I wanted.  The third sample was OK, but I tweaked it a bit more and got this one--Success!  I filmed for about 2 hours, and will speed up the footage and set to music.

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