Saturday, April 25, 2015


My take on Accessories for Trees:

One of our assignments for Art Practices II was to create an installation piece. I walk past a series of 5 trees on my way to class, that seemed to be screaming to be decorated in some fashion. But, the trees are natural, earthy, and didn't want to be garish. So, I had to come up with a way to add some subtle accessories that the trees would be comfortable wearing.

I decided to paint imperfectly geometric designs onto raw, torn edged canvas. I used a limited palate of paints. Black (because everyone looks good in black), red to complement the trees' green hair, and turquoise to bring out the color in their eyes. I measured each trunk and branch to size the belts and bracelets properly, and then tied them on with strips from black recycled shirts.

I love the way they came out, and it is fun to sit and watch other passersby reactions to the art. I hope the trees enjoyed wearing them!

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