Monday, March 24, 2008

Recycled Charms

These are some charms I made for a swap on the Latest Trends in Mixed Media group that I co-moderate. I made recycled Tyvek caged beads. They were fun to make: I painted a used Tyvek envelope with Pearl Ex powders mixed in with Lumiere paint. Cut them into long triangluar strips, wrapped around a bamboo skewer, and glued. Then I melted them with my heat gun--I learned to take them off the skewer first, because I melted my first set permanently to the skewer--Duh! Then, I wrapped them with silver colored copper wire, put an eye-pin through, added a jump ring, and Voila! Charms!

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TracyB said...

I actually wrap my tyvek beads around an old screw driver, that way, you can leave the bead on the form and it gives you something to hold onto while you're heating the bead with a heat gun. Just be careful when you go to pull the bead off of the screwdriver :)