Monday, March 17, 2008

Bead on a Wire Week 7

These are the projects that I made for the BOW workshop last week. I still don't like making the coil wrapped beads--I'm not quite sure why--mine just don't turn out as nice. But I do like the caged beads. So I made a blue glass caged bead bracelet and several pairs of Shepherd Hook earrings. The Shepherd hooks were made from a 2-inch length of wire, and they are a nice long hook that won't fall out as the fish hooks sometimes do. I used a pair of the coil wrapped beads for the earrings instead of the bracelet. These were some of the new glass beads that I got a couple of weeks ago, since I don't have a lot of large beads, and they seem to be working out pretty well for these projects. I have blues, greens and reds. I am starting a green bead with copper wire project for this week.

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