Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mixed Media Explorations Workshop Week 2

So this week on the Artist's Circle, we are doing the air dry clay embellishments with Crayola's Model Magic(TM). These are so much fun. I had been dabbling a little bit with polymer clay embellishments, but the Model Magic is so much easier to work with and color, and I worry with the polymer clay about the toxicity. These are the first batch. I think that I will paint the next batch differently. On these I did watercolor, then Lumiere with Pearl Ex powders mixed in, then Rub-n-Buff gold on top. I think that I could skip the Lumiere.

I have to hide my Model Magic from my 5-year old daughter. She saw the package on the table, and got all excited to "do clay". I told her that this was Mommy's special art clay, and that she could use her Play Doh. She said, "that's for kids--it says Crayola on it!" Busted. Oh she is too smart for her own good. So now I have to hide the package, and do it at night after she goes to bed.


Faye said...

Wow! That clay looks so exciting. I'm going get some for myself. Your use of luminiere and Pearl-Ex gives the works that special look. Beautiful!

Kim said...

What great pieces! I have just joined your group and thanks for the nice comment. I am having lots of fun in the groups I belong to, I am actually doing more art now than before I joined! Buy your daughter a little colored model magic, and keep the white as your own! Never work, I guess, the painting is just too much fun. Kim2

diva of quilts said...

That does look like a lot of fun! They turned out wonderful!

Dianne said...

Hey Missy I'm sure you were one of the artist picked for CPS mag. If I remember your last name so check it out. All your work on here is fantastic love the stuff you have been doing. So a big congrates to you..