Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Collage 3x 3 inches

These are two collages that I am doing for a swap on Collage Compositions. They each measure 3 x 3 inches. The colors turned out a little funky in the photo--I had trouble taking a pic, because I sealed them with Glossy Mod Podge, and kept getting a glare, so these pics were taken outdoors without the flash, but the colors got funny.

Anyhow. The Asian one was made by stamping on a red texture painted background with the Chinese Characters. Then I sewed on pieces of brown paper bag that I had crumpled and highlighted with gold metallic paint. The flower image was printed out, painted, and colored with pencils, and finally I glued on the Chinese Coins.

On the flower one, I painted several layers on the background, stenciled the blue squares, stamped the green daisy--which by the way I found out that the ink isn't permanent and runs with Mod Podge--so I had to spray seal it with Acrylic spray before I did the decoupage. Then I added the words which were printed and lightly painted, plus the flower image.

I am finding that I tend to work a little on the minimalist side, I just didn't want things too cluttered, but I hope that my work is not mistaken for lack of effort--these took me Forever putzing around with them! I am working on a 3rd set, but the images are fighting me, so I don't know if I'll get them done. I love doing the backgrounds, and playing with the different techniques, but then I get stuck on the composition. I guess that is why I am in the Collage Compostition group, huh?

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Michelle said...

Well, my fellow square, I think you did a fine job! They are beautiful.