Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blast From the Past--Paper Bead Jewelry

Found a box in the garage this week full of some of the paper bead jewelry I had made about 17 years ago! I knew it was around here somewhere. It is kind of fun and funky, but I don't know that I could pull off wearing it anymore! Some of it will probably end up on my Etsy store. These are just a few of the sets of earrings. I also found some bracelets, anklets, and necklaces, and I will post more later. Except for the pink leaf ones,these are made with ribbon or handmade newspaper beads that were painted, and some had more painting details like dots added. Brings back memories!


Gillian McMurray said...

They are great. You could still wear them, especially the first two pairs. They'd be great for the festive season.

Dianne said...

Hey were you a trend setter or what, they are fabulous imagine 17 years ago and people are just getting into makeing beads..