Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Valentine Postcards

I finished up a few more of my Valentine fabric postcards. After 10 years of having the same sewing machine, I finally sat down and figured out how to program some words to stitch, and stitched out "Be Mine" on some of the Valentines! A small step I know, but I am really not a tekkie, so I was proud of myself! I printed the backs onto salmon cardstock to compliment the cards, and found a cute heart font to write "Postcard" and "from my heart to yours" on the back of the card. Am I getting too sappy? Maybe, but I think they are cute. Gotta love that pink eyelash yarn on the edge too!


Marie Reed said...

Holy Moly! That is fabulous!! What a delightful idea!

Marie Reed said...

I have a meme called Postcard Friendship Friday. Would you like to put a permalink of this post into the Mr. Linky onto my blog? If your not sure what that means I would happily do it for you:) Just shoot me a comment!

Marie Reed said...

Hey ! It's Postcard Friendship Friday tomorrow (PFF) Pancake Flipping Fun... Potatoes French Fried... Hope to see you there with your beautiful fabric cards!