Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Every Day Art

All of these pieces are 6 x 6 inches. The first is on a foundation of my handdyed fabric, with painted burlap and painted watercolor paper. I added buttons and handmade paper beads that are wrapped with wire and beads.

The second piece is a painted paper towel foundation like the ones that I made for my ATCs. I couched yarns and Razzle Dazzle thread, and extra stitching.

The third is an experiment with a faux painting technique that I had been meaning to try for years. Paint the base with medium dusty teal. Let it dry. Paint over it with evergreen acrylic glaze. While wet, I used a rubber tool that has a wavy edge to get the swirl effect. Fun.


Elizabet said...

Oh! I am completly in love with two of these - especially the one with the squares and the wavy one!

You are so talented!

Dianne said...

The first one is just fabulous,
but I do love the green one, I just love how you did that, I'll have to try that....