Friday, April 6, 2007

Every Day Art Project

These are some pieces that I am doing for my Every Day Art Project for the Raw Art group. The idea is to make a 6 x 6 inch piece of art every day for 31 days. At the end, we will trade pieces with other artists on the project. They are all the same size although they look different in the pictures.

Top: Map 1--Painted paper towel and crayon resist. Machine quilted.

Flower: Collage background with painted and melted Tyvek flower. Stitched.

Windows: Painted paper towel, stamped, machine quilted.

Sunprint 1 and 2: Sunprints on fabric, machine quilted.

Crayon Dots: Metallic crayons on cardstock.

I have a few more done that I need to take pictures of. Stay tuned.


Elizabet said...

Did you stitch the tyvek flower before heating it?

Elizabeth in NM said...

I painted the tyvek first, then heated it with a heat gun to make it shrink up a little. You have to do it with good ventillation, and be careful not to overheat--I accidentally melted a couple of holes in it by heating it too long! Then just cut it out and stitched it to the background collage. Hope this helps,