Friday, June 4, 2010

So Many Pendants!

I thought I would post a collection of some of the pendants I have made recently.

I have been noticing lately, all the stuff I have made that I can't use myself--I just have too much. But somehow, I can't stop making it. How many pendants does one woman need? How many earrings, bracelets, journals, bookmarks, scarves, fabric, etc? I have more than I could wear/use in a lifetime, and yet, I still make more. It is more about the artistic process, getting into the zone when I am creating, than about the end product, I think, although I usually like what I make too. Am I rambling???

I have also had to make some changes to my artistic habits since the arrival of the new baby. Namely, I don't have as much free time, and second, I have to be able to drop what I am doing at a moment's notice if he wakes up and needs me. He isn't in enough of a napping routine that I can count on when or how long he will nap. He also likes to be held, and notices when you put him down in his crib and wakes up.

So, I am listing more of my creations on my Etsy site. Killing two birds with one stone. First, I can let go of some of my creations and pass them on to good homes with people who will use and enjoy them, and second, I can take photos and list items on Etsy while I have Fletcher in the front "Snugli" carrier. He's happy, I'm happy. So, that's what I've been up to lately.

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