Friday, January 22, 2010

Machine Quilting Fun

Here are a couple of things that I have machine quilted on my longarm machine recently. This first picture is of a border that I did on a customer's quilt. She had a very simple southwest star design in the center, and then this fabulous feather border print. She wanted the feathers to be outlined so that they really popped out. Took forever, but worth the effort I think!

This next piece is something that I did for myself. Remember those 1 yard hand dyed gradations from a couple of months ago? Well, I wanted to actually USE one, so I made a quilted tote bag. This is the front and the inside lining is the white part, which is actually not seen in the finished bag, but shows off the quilting design a little bit better. Did I remember to take a picture of the finished tote? Of course not--and now it is hanging at the Bernina store since they are selling my hand dyeds. So....I'll have to wait until I get it back or make another one. But I was pleased with the finished tote, and it was very gratifying to have made the whole thing from start to finish.


peggy said...

Love those feathers, talk about time consuming but well worth it. Like the tote quilting and of course your hand dyes are wonderful. Enjoy reading your blog. Pggy

Alicia said...

The feathers are amazing!