Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ebb and Flow

For some reason, this phrase popped into my head for how things have been going lately. I think that I have been "ebbing". Busy with rush jobs with my longarm business, preparing our taxes, plus being sick--again--has kind of zapped my creative energy. I have been working on a set of collages for the Fiber Art for a Cause auction with a friend of mine--those were kept under wraps until we were done--I will unveil those shortly, but have to get the pics off my camera. I have also been working on some gift cards which have been kind of fun, and a way for me to get some painting and sewing done without having to think too much since my brain has been so fried! Again, I need to download some pics, but will do that soon.

So, no new pics tonight--just checking in to say I'm still alive! I feel a flow coming on....whew!

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Beena said...

Your thoughts in this post seem to mirror my own thoughts today, and in general lately. I have been sick and so drained, yet wanting to create!!! needing to get back to it!

I love your blog, and will definitely be returning and adding it to my list of blogs to follow!

Love the fabric beads and paper towel journals! beautiful!