Friday, March 13, 2009

The Last of the Charms for Now

Polymer Clay Hearts

Fabric Beads

Bottlecap Charms

Here are the last of the charms that I am doing for the swap on the Mixed Media Art Friends group. There are a couple more sets that I forgot to get pictures of. There were 14 different sets total, 5 in each set, so that's 70 charms! I am *almost* charmed-out for awhile.


Elizabeth said...

14 sets that is amazing! These three sets are beautiful! Love the fabric beads in particular!! Great job!
So will you get 70 in return??

Elizabeth in NM said...

Yes, I'll get 70 charms back--that's a lot of charms!!!

inventivesoul said...

Elizabeth, are these the fabric charms you made? The "fabric beads"?

I finished my charms last week and wanted to check your's out.