Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Have I Been Doing

Well, not posting on my blog consistently! Although, check out the previous posts, I just put a bunch of stuff up. The past month or so has been crazy, with Birthdays, school auction, two sets of family visiting, and being sick for 4 weeks, not to mention that this is my busy time of year for my longarm quilting business--all those people making Christmas gifts. And, I majorly over-extended myself on swaps this fall. I do enjoy the swaps, and I think that it challenges myself to work outside the box a little, but I have spent way too much time making swap stuff the past 2 months, and virtually no time on my own art and quilting. So, I am feeling some withdrawl, and also some general burn out. I keep telling myself, no more swaps, and then I can't resist! Ugh!

So, in my recent vegetative state, I have been monoprinting and painting papers. I have been monoprinting like in my posts a few weeks ago, plus just messing around with the brayer, different color combinations, mixing acrylics with liquid watercolor, and a little bit with my hand made stamps. I am going to kit up some of these papers, along with a few embellishments, to offer at a handmade book class that I will be teaching locally in February. So, I am stocking up! But it is good "no brainer" work to do. I don't have to worry about composition or theme, or guidelines, I am just painting.

The first image is the papers layed out flat. The second one is of the papers in a box on end. A lot of papers! And I have a healthy stack of painted paper towels too for the monoprinting technique.


Anonymous said...

Wow the bottom one is looks like a rainbow of water..with gentle waves. Can you explain how you did that? I have not mono printed. I have a brayer, it sounds like you said you stood papers on end to print with, but it doesn't look like that. Did you lay papers down and stagger them....then what do you use as a plate?
Thanks for sharing if you can...
warm wishes from snowy New England

Elizabeth in NM said...

Hi Carol,
The picture is actually of the papers all on end in a box, so you are seeing the warping of the paper as the waves. That would be a cool effect if I could figure out how to paint it! I'll have to work on that....

Elizabeth said...

Hi Elizabeth! It has been awhile since I have been by! I met you in the surface design group and the Art Techniques group. i have been going through the same swap burnout and I ahve forced myself to drop out of several groups as that is the only wayt aht I can resist the swaps!! I have missed seeing your wonderful work so I am stealling a bit of time to go and visit old friends on the net!! i love the papers that you are making and a huge Congrats on the book!!! i am going to add that to my wish list for the New Year!!! I have been momoprinting on fabric lately with gelatin prints and I am going to be doing this with several classes of 4th graders soon!
Please take good care of yourself- we always manage to get sick when we burn the candle at both ends!!!!

Elizabeth in NM said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for stopping by again and for the kind words! Keep in touch, and I always look forward to seeing your new creations as well.