Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge Blocks

This is what I am working on for the March FFFC #7. The challenge was to use fabrics that we are not used to working with. We are given 1 week to complete the project. I had several such fabrics on hand including heavy drapery material, faux suade, crinkled sheer, and copper crepe like fabric. The top row is "specialty fabrics" and the bottom row is regular quilting cotton.
I fused a very light weight interfacing to all except the heavy drapery, and then pretty much treated them like regular cotton fabrics. I did have to use a lower setting on my iron so as not to melt the poly fabrics. I played with the block arrangement. Originally I had 20 blocks, but in the end I like having the four circles made from 16 blocks. I hope to get it quilted today, so that I can have it bound by the Saturday deadline.

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