Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Am For An Art

Over 50 years ago, Claes Oldenburg first composed his "I Am For An Art..." statements. You can read more about that here

I used to compose haiku as I was trying to drift off to sleep--something to distract my mind from all of the stresses of the day, and to take my mind off of the endless "To Dos". Now, I have been finding myself composing "I am for an Art" statements instead. They are quirky and fun, and a great way to engage my mind to get to sleep. Here are a few of mine. Please share some of your own in the comments!

I am for an art exploding with color like a rainbow on acid.
I am for an art that sticks with you like a piece of popcorn stuck in your teeth.
I am for an art that washes over you like a tsunami.
I am for an art that breaks through the clouds like the sun on a rainy day.
I am for an art that holds you with suspense and curiosity like a train wreck.
I am for an art that brings a breath of fresh air, like the scent of Glade in a stinky bathroom.
I am for an art that satisfies like a good scratch behind a cat's ear.
I am for an art that is as crazy as a lunatic who escapes from a mental asylum.

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