Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CED Day 2

No pictures again tonight, you guessed it...sleeping baby in lap. But, I did have some creative success today. Fletcher slept for 1.5 hours this afternoon--woo hoo--so I took advantage of that quiet time to sew some art journal covers. I am using a couple of them as examples for my embellishment class tomorrow night, and also making them for the upcoming craft shows. I used some of my rust dyed fabrics, and on others my silk or sateen hand dyeds! It was great to get my hands on some fabric and sew again. It feels like its been awhile.


Peggy said...

Hey Elizabeth, I admire the way you squeeze in time to do art. Doesn't it take a lot of time to put everything away each day? Or do you have a spot where you can keep things out?

Elizabeth in NM said...

Busted! I have stuff EVERYWHERE! Luckily, I have a very understanding husband. I lost my sewing room 2 kids ago--we just have a 3 bedroom house. So, I've got thread, fabric and beads in the living room, more fabric in the kitchen/dining room as well as my ironing board, paints, and other supplies. My sewing machine is in the unheated back sunroom/office along with more fabric. Did I mention more fabric in our bedroom? I do my painting on the kitchen table or countertops. It doesn't always get cleared off. But, my family prefers to eat in the living room anyway. I fought it for a long time, but you know, we are eating together so I figure that's what really counts! It's pretty much utter chaos around here, though.

Dana said...

OMG Elizabeth, You win....I'll quite complaining about my cluttered craft room. My hubby would never let me get away with having stuff all over the house. At least this way I have to keep mine contained. I envy you finding time to sew. I have a new machine...on my craft table and it hasn't been touched in about a month. I think I'm having withdraws.