Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hand Dyed Rainbow Fabric

This summer, I have been dyeing a lot of fabrics, as you have seen a glimpse of in a couple of previous posts. This technique has become one of my favorites--making a rainbow type gradation from one color to another.

The top 2 pictures are detail shots to show how the colors blend. The other pictures are of the full pieces--about 36 x 44 inches--so you end up with quite a large piece of fabric to work with. I love how the colors blend into each other. Even with planning the colors and order, the end result is always a surprize how they blend--like a unique fingerprint. I can't tell you how many trips to the fabric store I have made this past month for PFD (prepared for dye) white Kona cotton! Total fabric addict here!


Vicki W said...


Jackson Fabric Arts said...

These are lovely!

Lesa Marie Bame said... how do you get this kind of gradation?? I've got some dyes and pfd fabric just begging for some beauty...planning on trying snow dying this winter too.

Elizabeth in NM said...

Hi Lesa Marie,
I make the large gradations by covering my work area with a large plastic tarp or plastic bag, and lay out one yard of fabric, almost flat, but with a few lengthwise folds. I pour over the dyes in the gradation order that I want, and then roll the whole piece up in the plastic and let it batch overnight. The dyes mix together to create some new shades in between. Always a surprise.

yvonne said...

These are so gorgeous! Isn't dyeing fabric soooo fun!