Monday, July 13, 2009

Painted Fabric

Here are some samples of the fabric that I have made using Rayna Gillman's "Create Your Own Hand Printed Cloth" book doing the workshop on the Artist's of the Round Table group. The past two weeks, we have done silk screening and gelatin printing.

I had a little trouble with paint seepage under the stencils on the silk screen, but I am planning on adding some more layers to hide those little mistakes!

The gelatin printing was fun. I did some on fabric, and some on paper that I am going to use later for some of my little art journals.


Beena said...

How fun!

Rayna said...

Elizabeth, I have loved looking at the beautiful fabric you've printed! Look forward to seeing the rest of what you do - and how you use it, which is sometimes the tricky part. Ask me how I know!