Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My New Toy

So for Mother's Day a couple of weeks ago, my "kids" (read husband) got me an Embellisher needle felting machine! I've been drooling over one for the past two years, and keep talking myself out of it. I'm not sure what possessed him to get it for me, but I'm not asking questions!

I've been playing around with it, just to see what it does. I can tell that there are a lot of possibilities. I think I will just continue to play awhile, I don't want to set myself up for failure with planning too much. I made this little book cover with some various fabrics, yarn, and felt. Pretty cute.

Let me know if you can pass on any good needle felting websites or projects--I'd love to take a look.


Guzzisue said...

enjoy :-)

Beena said...

Love the book cover! Aren't you the lucky one to get this new toy! Have fun with it!

Ginny Gaskill said...

So glad you got your embellisher. They are so much fun. Great score on all the vintage pieces.

Elizabeth Golden said...

I love mine, it is such a totally new concept for me. I love just experimenting. There is a really good online yahoo group also.