Friday, October 31, 2008

Something Really Scary

.....My cutting table! Yes, there is a table under all that mess. This month's Take it Further Challenge topic was your workspace. What it is like, how you feel about it. Well, this is my rotary cutting table, where I cut all of my fabric, when it is cleared off that is. Much of the time, it looks like this. Piled high with stacks of works-in-progress and other stuff. Part of the problem is my AADD (Art Attention Deficit Disorder), and the other problem is that I tend to put stuff on there that doesn't belong on my art table--like the charms that I am collecting for a swap, junk jewelry to take apart and repurpose, my X-Rays that I need to take to a Dr. appt., B-Day presents that my mom left here for my son's B-Day in December, etc.

I have a very small house with a home business, DH, 2 kids, and 2 large dogs, so we have a lot of "stuff" around. I no longer have a dedicated room for sewing, so my cutting table is in the kitchen, my sewing machine in the shared office, thread and fabric throughout the house! I am constantly trying to reorganize and clean up, but somehow, it always ends up looking like this. After taking this picture, I did clear the surface again, so hopefully that will last a little while.

So, with this in mind, I used some of the scraps that were laying on my cutting table, and made a fabric covered art journal. I only used the scraps from the cutting table, and I think it is fun to create something cool from a pile of scraps. I started making these books for the Collage UnLeashed swap, and am finding them very addictive!

I think my mantra for 2009 is going to be Focus, focus, focus...


lorrwill said...

What scary? Looks a lot like here to me.


freebird said...

Like your journal. I can clean my space and it's back to a big mess in a week. I have my own space but it's not big enough so I spread out into the living room at times. I'd spread into the dining room but my husband beat me to it!