Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bead on a Wire Workshop Done!

This is the last lesson for the workshop. I had a really good time, learned so much during the past few months. I would like to continue on with bead and wire jewelry making, and do some more of these projects again in the future. The Artist's of the Round Table yahoo group is going to be starting another wire jewelry workshop in June, so I won't have jewelry withdrawl LOL! This is a twin spiral bracelet. Kind of a pain, but not too bad. There are some things I would do differently next time around, but I think the finished product looks nice. I would like to try it in two-tone wire, maybe copper and blue or something like that, but for now I need to take a little break and finish up some other projects.


Doreen K. said...

That is fantastic. Have enjoyed all your wire work.

Elizabeth said...

this piece is wonderful!! these spirals are not easy! great job!

It was terrific to see your paper quilt in the Latest Issue of Quilting Arts- I love your quilt!! Your colors and composition and techniques are just fabulous!!!!

TracyB said...

I know I've said this before, but LOVE the spirals (I really need to learn how to make these!!)

I have tagged you & just to let you know, it's totally voluntary to play!!

Check out my blog for instructions if you're interested in playing :)

purplepaint said...

Elizabeth - this is beautiful! I made one too but mine does not bend around my wrist... Did you have that problem with this one? Thanks, Marva