Thursday, June 21, 2007

Catching Up and a Spider Story

These are a few things that I had been working on a month or so ago, and just never got around to posting:

This is a page for the "3 color" swap on Collage Unleashed. I did Traci Bautista's technique of paint scraping, then stenciled through punchinella, and stamped with a dragonfly stamp and a handmade swirl stamp. These are ATCs that I did for the 25/25 Technique swap on Art Techniques ATC group. I painted with dye on paper towels, stitched with metallic and variegated threads, and sewed them to a piece of cardstock.
These are ATCs for the "Asian" swap on Fiber Art ATCs. I sewed tiny pieces of red fabric (.5 x 1.25 inches) together, sewed on the gold metallic bias tape, and added the Chinese Coin pendant.
These were experimental pieces for the Raw Art "Every Day Art Project". Each piece is 6 x 6 inches. I played with melted crayon, paint, handdyed cheesecloth, and finished the edges with variegated yarns. They remind me of Ink Blot tests! What do you see?
I signed up for some new swaps--and I feel like I am slowly getting out of my rut. I have been continuing to declutter and organize. I was on a roll going through old quilt magazines, and keeping only articles that I am interested in, or images that I can use for collage. Until yesterday, when I went out to the garage to get another set of magazines, pulled the stack out, and there was one of the biggest spiders I have ever seen! He had to be 2 inches across--YUK! I absolutely HATE spiders! I have goosebumps just thinking about it. I managed to kill it, then hid in the house the rest of the day. Forget the magazines for now.


Sarah said...

everything has the "wow" factor, looks great! I just got Traci's book and DVD, I love her carefree style of creating.

Cathy said...

All very very cool. You must have a lot of patience. The Asian ones are just too neat. I am currently in a fabric book RR, most with an Asian theme. I must give this a try. Great embellishments for a page. And the paper towel ones I will certainly try out.

Dianne said...

I see your muse found you, love all you have done, beautiful work as alawys, I too hate spiders
You have to go there and read the spider story there, it is very funny how she writes, but spiders are not FUNNY, LOL..
Great to see you back creating where you belong...