Saturday, May 12, 2007

Denver Quilt Festival--Melody Johnson

I went to the second annual Denver Quilt Festival last week. It was a great show, lots of vendors, beautiful quilt show, and wonderful classes. It was a much needed creative weekend. I took a freestyle quilt class from Melody Johnson. We used her fabulous handdyed fabrics for all of our quilts. I made 4 small 9 x 9 inch pieces in the class. I need to add some quilting and finish them, but these are the tops. They are so much fun to make, I could just play all day!

Denver Quilt Festival--Robbi Joy Eklow

I also got to take an afternoon class with the "Goddess of the Last Minute", Robbi Joy Eklow. We did her cubist inspired vases. This is the vase that I got done in class. The quilt is made of 3 overlapping vases. I got to use a beautiful multi-colored bali fabric that I had been saving for something special. The fuschia fabric is one that I handdyed last summer.

Denver Quilt Festival--Mickey Depre

These are some of the drawing exercises that I did in Mickey Depre's Permission to Play class. It really made me think outside the box, and helped get over my fear of drawing.

In the afternoon, we designed a 3 block quilt--mine is fish. I decided that the middle fish looked like Elvis, so the top fish is dubbed Priscilla, and the bottom fish is Lisa Marie. Here is Priscilla fused but not stitched yet.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More Charms

These are more charms that I made for the charm swap on Art Techniques. They began as metal washers. I painted them with alcohol inks, wrapped with colored wire, and added a bead. Then sealed with clear acrylic spray. For this set of charms, I used these wonderful dusty purple beads and copper wire. I made spirals and swirls with the wire, added some smaller seed beads, and added a jump ring to the top.